Gregory Kolsto

I own a coffee company here in Midtown. I help facilitate an art space at Westport Rd. & Main Street, called, the Drugstore. I also participate in conducting membership interviews for members-in-process at Redeemer.
I have been married to my wife, Sarah, since April of 2005. We have three children, Pela, Oscar & Georgie.

Mokena, IL

Education & Experience
I studied illustration & fine art until the coffee industry became my career path 19 years ago. I received the bulk of my theological training through Redeemer Fellowship.

Favorite books

  • Counterfeit Gods, by Tim Keller – categorically breaks down the idolatry in our hearts, manifested through behavior in a really helpful way.
  • Gospel Primer, by Milton Vincent – this book always helps direct me to the sufficiency of the gospel of Jesus through everyday contexts & diverse trials.
  • Rework, by Jason Fried – I read this book once a quarter to get back to basics in business & life.
  • Turning Pro, by Steven Pressfield – This book, along with it’s predecessor, War of Art, have been really helpful in breaking down my propensity for producing excuses for not pursuing excellence. (These books have some weak theology, but are heavy in a practical approach to discerning calling and “getting after it.”)
  • Refractions, by Makoto Fujimura – In reading Fujimura’s reflections on life & faith in a post 9/11 Manhattan, I found liberty to begin to express myself as an artist and a Christian. For a long time, I kept the artist in me at bay, lacking the boldness to be a beginner. I am now enjoying the process of cultivating a visual language to express myself within the gifts I have been given.

I enjoy painting and printmaking, and have been known to play the bass from time to time. I enjoy seeing the heights of the world from mountaintops, preferably with my wife.