Davis Finley

What is your job?

I’m the Worship Coordinator.

What are your responsibilities?
I am responsible for making sure that many of the administrative and logistical tasks related to Sunday worship gatherings are accomplished. As Wes’ assistant, I am taking on some of his Sunday responsibilities — from turning on the stage monitors to printing out music for the worship band — freeing him up for some of his more pastoral roles so that he can better accomplish his vision for worship at Redeemer. Additionally, I interface a lot with the bands on Sunday, helping them in any way I can so that they have less details to worry about and can focus on leading us in worship. I’ve also taken it upon myself to ensure as little coffee as possible goes to waste on a Sunday (a pro bono venture, thus far.)

I come from a fairly large family: one older sister, one younger brother, two younger sisters, and two great parents, all of whom attend Redeemer.

Where are you from?
Kansas City, Missouri (Garden City, Missouri to be specific, i.e., “South”)

Education and Experience?
B.A. in Biblical Studies – Southwest Baptist University (2014)

M.Div, Biblical Language Emphasis – Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (in progress)

How long have you been at Redeemer?
Since June, 2015

What hobbies/interests outside of work?
I am most content when reading, playing/learning an instrument, or listening to music. I’m hopelessly devoted to Kansas City sports, which is less of an indictment on my sanity than it used to be. I was pretty serious about photography for about two months until my SLR mysteriously stopped working, so now I mostly just think about what it would have been like to have photography as a hobby, though I’d like to get back into it some day. I also play a lot of golf.

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