Gabrielle Morris

What is your job?
I am the Midtown Ministry Coordinator.

What are your responsibilities?
I’m responsible for oversight on all of our Midtown Ministry Teams, Assimilation, and Membership. If you are looking for ways to get involved at Redeemer, email me.

I am one of six children. Five girls and one boy. In Spring of 2015 I married my husband, Calvin.

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Kansas City.

Education & Experience?
I graduated from the University of Missouri- Kansas City with a B.S. in Political Science. For six years I worked running non-partisan local (city and state) political campaigns. I worked mostly as a volunteer coordinator, assistant pollster, and a communications assistant. In 2010 I began running short-term missions teams to Uganda, Africa. I also served in leadership as a volunteer at Redeemer for more than two years before coming on staff.

How long have you been at Redeemer?
Spring of 2009

What hobbies/interests outside of work?
I basically inhale books. All of them. I enjoy history, especially about Kansas City, and have been known to attend those super “boring” lectures at the Plaza Library where I am by far the youngest person in attendance. I watch a lot of Stephen Colbert.

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