Student Ministry

The goal of Redeemer’s Student Ministry is to see young people meet Jesus, mature in their understanding of the gospel, and connect them to the life of the local church.

We desire to see middle school and high school students all over the metro be transformed by God’s grace and grow to understand what it means to love and follow Jesus.


The following values drive our Student Ministry:

  • The Bible says that parents, not the church, are held primarily responsible for the spiritual upbringing of their children (Deut 6:4-7, 20-25). Our student ministry exists to come alongside parents in their God-given role to help point their students to Jesus.
  • Gospel-centered conversations are the backbone of a healthy student ministry. Middle school and high school students need a place to talk about how the good news of what Christ has done for them answers the questions they are wrestling with about faith and identity.
  • Students are not just the future of the church, they are the church now and have gifts to contribute to the body. We desire to see students serving on our hospitality teams, engaging in neighborhood initiatives, and worshipping on Sunday mornings with their families and other adults.
  • We have a unique opportunity as a city-center church reaching people across the metro. We will build a student ministry that welcomes both urban and suburban students, keeping the gospel as the central message that overcomes geographic, economic, and racial dividing lines.

    Student Ministry small groups meet on Wednesday nights at a home of one of our members and are ongoing throughout the year. The evenings will include both large group and small group discussion as students divide by age group and gender for specific application. These times will be led by teams of adults who have demonstrated godly leadership at our church and feel a specific calling towards leading and serving young people.