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We hold the issue of church membership in high regard. Members function as the primary missionaries for the church to our city. Members live, eat, and breathe the climate of Kansas City every day, placed in the culture to live out the gospel in word and deed. We are called to corporately love our God and our neighbors. Membership keeps us accountable as we love both God and neighbor in our respective lives.

We are committed to creating a model of membership that reflects God’s heart for his children, an organic composition of hearts and hands living out the gospel with more than lip service. Members who enter into a covenant with their local church are called to a higher degree of responsibility. Conversely, the elders and deacons are covenanted to assist their members first and foremost by providing counsel, service and aid, and praying, teaching, and guiding as necessary.


The process of becoming a member is really a reflection of our understanding of who a disciple of Jesus is. We believe that Christians Worship Together, Live in Community, Get Equipped, and Advance the Mission.

How We Live

Members of our church embody those four identities. So, the first step toward becoming a member is to jump into the life of our body.


Worship is one of our core values as a church. In worship, we respond to the holiness and majesty of God. And just like every instance in the scriptures when men and women meet God, it’s this encounter that brings about transformation and love for Jesus. One central expression of this value is our Sunday gatherings, where members of Redeemer meet to sing and pray together, receive teaching from God’s word, and take communion. Other expressions for members include obedience to the commands of Scripture relating to the Sacraments: as a part of worshiping Jesus together in a covenant community, we ask that members are baptized as believers in obedience to Jesus’ teaching.


One of the things we look for in the membership process is whether someone is living in meaningful Christian relationships. We aren’t meant to follow Jesus alone. Following Jesus draws us into community with others who are being transformed.

For most, this looks like active participation in a Small Group. Small Groups meet weekly in homes throughout the Kansas City area to share meals, study and apply the Scriptures, discuss the sermons and pray for each other. We want your group to be a place where the friendships you develop over time will help you to grow as a follower of Jesus. You can find out more about Small Groups here.


In Ephesians 4:12, Paul calls all Christians to get equipped to do the work of the ministry, i.e., to get trained and prepared to live as faithful disciples of Jesus. While we have a variety of classes and opportunities to be equipped at Redeemer, there is one class that we ask all our members to take.

Take Our Membership Class at Redeemer Midtown

We plan to offer the Membership Class in Midtown again in the Summer of 2017.

Take Our Membership Class at Redeemer Johnson County

We plan to offer our Membership Class at Redeemer JOCO in May of 2017.


The last quality we look for in membership is a partnership with Redeemer for our mission in the city. From financial generosity to service on Ministry Teams, our members covenant with our body to carry the load of ministry in Kansas City.

There are many ways you can serve at Redeemer. Visit this page for a few easy first steps.


Have you taken our Membership Class? Are you living in community with others at Redeemer? And have you partnered with our church in giving and service? If so, you’re ready to take your next step toward membership at our church.

The goal of the form below is to help us get to know you, hear your story, and hear about how God is transforming your life. After receiving this form, we will schedule a meeting with you and a Pastor. In this meeting, you and a membership sponsor (this could be a small group leader or other member at Redeemer) will meet with a Pastor to learn about you, learn about your relationship with Christ and others, and engage any questions or areas of need you may have. This meeting is nothing to be nervous about! These meetings are designed to serve you, encourage you, and help you as you step into our church family.

Membership Form

I completed our Membership Class when it was a 9-week class (called Redeemer DNA). What do I do now?

Because this is a change to our previous membership process, some of you may have already completed Redeemer DNA when it was a 9 week class. There is no need to re-take our class. You can jump into the process by completing the same form.